Rebecca Pillsbury

Writer. Editor. Storyteller.

My passion is Transformational Storytelling. I inspire readers to take action, through the use of personal story. I am recognized for my ethical approach to writing; I call my style "non-agenda journalism." My goal is represent the soul of a person, not the ego. I use vulnerability to exhibit strength, and humor to remind readers not to take themselves too seriously. 

If you are an unpublished life or business coach, adventure traveler, performer or someone who wants to publish your inspirational story or personal development book but lacks the time, discipline, or desire to do it yourself, please contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to hearing your story!

I Learned How to Walk Again so I Could Learn How to Dance Again

"You need to interview Jimmy Zamora,” a fellow blues dancer told me after hearing that I was looking for stories about people who had used dance to recover from a physical limitation. “He has such an amazing story. I believe he’s actually writing a book about his recovery himself.” And so he is—but I’m grateful he was still open to contributing to this one. Jimmy wants to spread the word not just about how dancing can physically heal an individual but how it has the potential to heal the planet.